“I cannot be heard”

At schoolWatching the ‘Amplify Dandora‘ video, below – they used some of my footage from the slum in Eastern Nairobi – brings back memories of a great group of people. The Amplify team are hoping to do more of the video work I started on a very small scale last November (more on that project here) – and improve education opportunities for young people in Dandora.

The link between teaching video skills to unemployed youth and improving a (primary) school is perhaps not obvious. But in a part of the world that’s much neglected (in Nairobi, the larger slum of Kibera gets most of the attention), providing skills and equipment, boosting confidence of future videographers and giving schoolkids something to aspire to is important – it’s just one way (ideally, among several) to show people that they do have options.

As my friend and colleague there, who grew up in Dandora but somehow made it out and into law school, put it: “most people in the slum think: I cannot be heard. I’m not like the rest. They believe they are not equal in society.”

With video, residents get to tell the world about how they live, get to think about what they need and how they can get it, and they involve the local community in those discussions.

It’s a small small step, but maybe it can all add up to something big.

For a glimpse of life in Dandora, have a look at the footage shot by the people I worked with last year:

Amplify Dandora’s crowdfunding video:

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