Speaking up


The first speaker’s voice barely carries above the hum of the crowd. Even with a microphone, it takes a while for the 200 or so people gathered to notice she’s addressing them. 

When she’s done, others climb onto the fountain steps alone or in pairs, reading aloud from notes on their phones. Not understanding the words, I watch the body language: a few hold themselves confidently, most less so. One, clutching a diamanté-embellished phone, tries hard to control a visibly shaking hand. Continue reading “Speaking up”

Fermanagh’s fame

Obama, Putin & co. came to my homeland, County Fermanagh, this week. It turned out to be one of the most peaceful G8 meetings ever, despite (or because of?) the anxieties of hosting such a high-security event in a region with such a, well, troublesome history of keeping the peace.

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